From happy customers

In any given day, it’s likely that Neo Massage will have been visited by corporate executives, West End performers, sports enthusiasts and those affected by both acute and chronic ailments.

On your first visit, Phil will examine you and recommend a treatment programme (which may simply be a one-off massage). He will tell you how many sessions you may need to correct your problem. Sports massage is not, however, appropriate for every condition. If it is not likely to benefit you, Phil will advise you, or refer you to a specialist and you will not be charged for the appointment.

  • Throughout my time in sport, I have been to many sports massage therapists at varying levels. None come close to the all round knowledge that Phil has; not only about sports massage and how to keep me performing throughout the year but also around the wider, holistic approach to a healthy and functioning body.
    ~ Nicholas Hearner

    I only wish I had met Phil Neo when he first started practising. Since seeing him I have no back ache and feel stronger then I did when I was performing. If anyone has a physical career, I am convinced that Phil adds years to that chosen profession.

    ~ Lynne Page, Choreographer

    Phil is an incredibly honest, trustworthy and sensitive person who is interested in people and my weekly massage was not only beneficial physically but was an invaluable time to relax and reflect away from the stresses of a busy life.

    ~ Sarah Manton

    Phil has impressed me with his thoroughness, professionalism and kind and generous nature.

    ~ JA

    I started going to Phil some eight (?) years ago when he still worked for ‘physioEd’ and had not established himself as ‘neomassage’ in Harley Street where he is now.

    I play no sport now (because of stroke) but find the one hour of deep massage weekly absolutely invigorating and relaxing at the same time. It’s part of my life !! What I also find equally pleasurable and stimulating is Phil, and his broad as well as humorous views on life and people; his own experiences have taught him a thing or two.

    Our conversations and lunches are a thing to savour and enjoy.

    I feel I treat him as a friend and colleague....................not just as a superb masseur !!!

    ~ Dr Frank Abramson

    As a professional dancer and teacher for almost 40 years my body has needed constant help from health professionals. For the past year I have benefited enormously from excellent sports massages from Phil Neo. His knowledge and skill are ensuring longevity for me and I hold him in the highest regard

    ~ Tory Jestyn Trotter

    Phil (Neo Massage) has taken wonderful care of my stressed and aching body for a longtime. I've been dancing since the 1960's, as a professional performer and now as a dance teacher.
    I believe I'm able to maintain a high level of fitness due to Phil's exceptional skill, expert knowledge, and dedicated care.
    I credit this fine man for adding valuable years to my physically demanding career.
    I have deep respect for Phil. To anyone seeking an outstanding Masseur, Phil has my highest recommendation.

    ~ Narin

    Excellent and professional service. I have regularly seen Phil Neo and Arthur Kyeyune and would highly recommend them both.

    ~ Crystal Nicholls

    Neo Massage is without a doubt the best place to go for a massage treatment I have ever found. I have been seeing Phil now for almost 10 years and my whole family couldn't live without him! I would recommend Neo Massage to anybody of any age and state of health and fitness - you will not find better anywhere!!!

    ~ Alexandra

    Phil is a top class massage therapist. At every appointment he gives 110% dedication to fixing whatever it is you need. Weekly visits kept me functioning through a long and grueling training process. I literally could not have achieved what I did physically in that time without the relief he afforded my body.

    ~ Andy

  • I have been using Neo Massage for over a year now doing Lymphatic drainage massage and I am extremely happy with the results. Even though I am quite thin my legs used to be really swollen due to liquid retention to the point that I stopped using skirts. When I started the treatment I could see the results after the first session.

    The massage is very effective and relaxing and it improves as well the look of your skin.

    Mario is lovely and very professional, his level of customer service is top class and he is always very flexible and accommodating with my timetables.

    I wouldn't go anywhere else and I cannot recommend then enough.

    Thank you very much for your constant care and amazing service!

    ~ Greta O.

    Mario is an absolute master. I travel a lot for work and plane and road travel can lead to a lot of muscular tension. I have been to many different massage therapists in the past, but none come close to Mario's extensive knowledge and expertise.

    I have always suffered from very tight shoulder and neck muscles and as a professional singer, this can cause real problems with my overall performance. A regular massage with Mario has totally changed the way I use my voice and upper body and allows me to sing, sleep and move with so much more ease.

    ~ Kate M.

    Mario is one of the most talented and dedicated medical professionals I have worked with. Whether it may be the morning of a performance or on a quiet Sunday, his expertise and knowledge means he knows exactly what my body needs. His understanding of the various muscle groups and their connections around my body means that his work is usually of more importance than that of a specialised vocal physiotherapist or a voice teacher.

    And his work goes far further than just on the massage bed. His expert knowledge on the human body means he will advise me whether I am overusing and underusing certain muscle groups and what action needs to be taken to achieve a balanced body.

    ~ Julian I. , opera singer

    I have been going to Mario at Neo Massage for about a year now and I couldn't recommend him more to anyone that is dealing with any kind of muscular tension and pain. He's improved my health and wellbeing to no end. His experience and professionalism are both evident through his attentive work. After every session I have come away feeling a lot better and in far less pain than previously. Thank you Mario!

    ~ Sophie M.

    Mario listens carefully as you tell him what’s wrong, or causing you pain, and the breadth of his knowledge is such that he is able to approach the issue in a variety of ways. He constantly checks back with you during the treatment, and afterwards suggests stretches and exercises that you can do to help the healing process. A lovely man.

    ~ Philip B.

  • Absolutely excellent service from Arthur Kyeyune. He was extremely professional and I felt the results of his work extremely quickly after treatment. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who feels they might need.

    ~ Mark O'Sullivan

    Great service by Arthur this past year after initial injury from a vast change in training regiment. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all issues physical. Highly recommended!

    ~ Rich Go-2

    I am an ultra distance runner. Arthur Kyeyune is an excellent sports masseur. Even with a hamstring injury he prepared me in a short time for an 105 mile event... Awesome

    ~ Bryn Jones

    Excellent and professional service. I have regularly seen Phil Neo and Arthur Kyeyune and would highly recommend them both.

    ~ Crystal Nicholls

    I can't recommend Arthur Kyeyune at Elphick Clinic enough, if you're in need for deep tissue massage therapy. I have been having treatments with him for quite a few months and not only is he immensely knowledgeable with the workings of the body, but is talented, gentle but strong and very charming.

    He always finds the exact right spot to treat and is the only therapist that I've seen, which have been many, that seems to be making a difference. to my aching body. He obviously has a gift!

    ~ Gabriela Collins